Hyaluronic Pen Treatments
Hyaluronic Acid - rejuvenation is related to the retention and growth of natural healthy collagen fibre.
Hyaluronic acid is vital so that collagen can survive, reform and multiply. Therefore the larger amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin, the better the collagen production.
Maximising collagen levels will keep skin supple contributing to the anti-ageing benefits of the skin as well as retaining skin's moisture.
The Hyaluronic pen treatments can be used to treat deep lines and fine lines on the face and also as lip fillers.
Hyaluronic pen - the pen is designed to penetrate the hyaluronic acid into the skin without the use of needles and therefore causes no pain in administering the treatment.
Beauty Freeze now offers this treatment and we are happy to offer free consultations where you will be asked to read the list of contraindications before treatment.
This treatment costs £150 per 1ml which includes a top up treatment where necessary.
Please call us on 07713592276/02083066999 to book your consultation.