Hypen Treatments 

Beauty Freeze is offering Hyaluronic Pen Treatments to fill deep lines also plump lips with our 100% Natural fillers. No Needles. No Pain. Immediate Results. Before and after photos show results straight after treatment. Message me for details. Cost £150 per ml All beauty treatments available including fat freezing, HIFU face and neck

lifts and cellulite removal. Facebook Beauty Freeze Instagram beauty_freeze

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⭐ Cryolipolysis (fat freezing) ⭐ HIFU Skin Tightening, body fat and cellulite removal ⭐ Vaginal Tightening ⭐ Radio Frequency and Cavitation ⭐ Laser Hair Removal ⭐ Deep Cleansing Facials ⭐ Derma

With my new qualification in Microblading I am now taking appointments at a discounted cost of £100 as I build up my portfolio. Feel free to call me on 07713592276 to discuss. Patch testing required 4