Seed shakes 🍓

So many people ask me for my seed shake recipe so i think it's time to publicise my own personal recipe. This recipe is so beneficial for osteoarthritis and I spent a long time researching the benefits of each of the seeds I use in my shake.

Why not do the same and you'll see that being so packed with calcium and protein these drinks will benefit your bones and you will start to feel less stiff and achy especially in this cold weather!

So you can buy all the seeds from your local health food shop or order online.

Chia, Pumpkin, sesame, sunflower and hemp.

I put all the seeds into one big plastic Tupperware box and mix them all together.

Every day I put 5 dessert spoons of the mixed seeds into a blender with coconut water, a couple of ice cubes and a couple of pieces of frozen fruit. (You can buy bags of frozen fruit and just leave it in the freezer)

Then blend and blend until the drink becomes smooth. It's tastes delicious and is filling and ultimately so good for your bones. Have a go over the next few weeks and send me your comments 🍒

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